Casa Gran vista

A recently divorced father commissioned a house for his new life.  As a founding action, the project constitutes the materialization of a beginning. 
Being an economist by profession, his requirements of spaces were clear and previously dimensioned on an excel grid.  The project challenge consisted in linking them in a coherent way on a site that was on a slope that was extreme and impossible to be inhabited by man, but because of the same high position, it had a privileged view of the valley and the Andes.
The most important space of the house had to be an informal living room where the father would share with his young son.  This programmatic nucleus is also practically the structural and circulation nucleus connecting the upper part of the social area with the private part of the bedrooms.  The cover of the first level, which connects to the street, is supported by two twin beams from where the living room and the dining room literally hang in order to conquer the imposing view.

Project information.

Architects: Albert Tidy, Daniel Lazo.
Client: Andrés Rodríguez.
Location: Gran Vista Housing development Gran Vista, La Dehesa. Santiago. Chile.
Surface area: 280m2
Date: 2010