U austral ciencias

In 2008, the most important building of Universidad Austral of Valdivia was destroyed by fire.  Together with the material loss of the building, the fire destroyed years of research, and invaluable documents and collections, leaving as the only vestige, the concrete structure that supported it.  In 2009, the University called for a public tender to rebuild the 10,000 m2 burned structure, in which we were awarded the first place.
The proposal consists in liberating the second floor that is now at main street level, with the purpose of creating a transit area allowing the possibility of going through the building from various directions towards an imposing botanical garden facing it.  The public level separates the programme at base level of the elevated programme, accommodating the different institutes that form the faculty.
A double glass coating acts as thermal regulator of the building, as well as the central stairs proposed as a vertical linking element.  The proposed green cover conceptually restores the vegetable layer displaced by the building.
The 4.20 m high interior spaces are colonised by programmatic containers accommodating the programme of offices, laboratories and common areas.

Arquitects:   Albet Tidy + Daniel Lazo.
Collaborators: Eduardo Tapia, Nicolás Solís de Ovando, Valentina Marín and Víctor Bustos.
Client: Universidad Austral de Chile
Coordination: José Miguel Biscupovik, Felipe Stolzenbach.
Structural Calculus:   Pedro Bartolomé
Construction: Constructora Capreva.
Lighting project: Paulina Sir.
External Revision: Carlos Cepeda.
Location: Campus Isla Teja, Valdivia.
Surface area: 11.700 m2  
Date:   2009-2011
Cost: UF16/m2