The School of Fine Arts of Universidad de Chile had been in the historical downtown district of Santiago since 1910.  After a fire destroyed it in 1969, the institution had to look for rental space to continue teaching temporarily.  In the early 70s, the University started building new facilities for the school, commissioned by socialist president Salvador Allende to the rationalist architect Ricardo Alegría. The construction works were partially finished until they were interrupted by the coup d'etat led by Dictator Augusto Pinochet, leaving an erected steel structure abandoned for 30 years, holding nothing but air. These steel structures are the basis for the renovation project that includes an auditorium for 250 people, a smaller auditorium for 80 students, an excavated patio that improves ventilation and light conditions for various existing basement classrooms, and a dining area. The new building emerges as an exact volume that reflects the existing surrounding buildings.

Project Information.

Architects:   Albert Tidy + Emilio Marin
Structural Engineer:   Sergio Contreras 
Construction:   Constructora Habitex Ltda.
Location:   Campus Juan Gómez Millas, Macul. Santiago, Chile.
Surface: 1.700 m2  
Site Surface: 1.700 m2  
Main materials: Steel, glass.
Project date:   2004
Construction date: 2006-2007
Cost:   USD 724/M2